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From KMR97-A010020 Arashi no yoru ni
SOUND TRACKS (1997 YEN child stage)
Tomodachitte Iina: Song for Friendship (133K)
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Gout and Wolf, ( met and be a friend ) sing together
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KMR97-A010020 Arashi no yoru ni: At a Stormy Night
SOUND TRACKS (1997 YEN child stage) \1,800.-
This album was recorded for 1977 "YEN" child stage's Sound Track.
The story of the play was reproduced from 3 child picture books,
"Arashi no yoru ni: At a Stormy Night" &
"Aru hareta hi ni: On some Shiny Day" &
"Kumo no kirema ni: On the Crack of Clouds".
(STORY: Yuichi Kimura, ART: Hiroshi Abe)
The Story is... At a stormy night one gout and one wolf
came in one log-house on a mountain. There is no light and
also hungry, they either got a cold so can't smell each other.
The play describes the friendship of two animals, Strong and Weak.
The play got many prizes, Minister of Welfare Prize etc...
Leaflet 1997

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