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KMR99-A070010Oka no Ue no Obasan
SOUND TRACKS (1999 YEN child stage)
Kyou wa nante ii Kibun: How's good felling today (136K)
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Big mum sing with big feeling!
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KMR99-A070010 Oka no Ue no Obasan : Big mum on the Hill
SOUND TRACKS (1999 YEN child stage) \1,800.-
This album was recorded for 1997 "YEN" child stage's Sound Track.
The story was written by Yoko Sano only for this stage.
Yoko Sano wrote many plays for child stage, and also she is very famous
for her Picture Books "100man-kai Ikita neko: A Cat reborn a million times".
And she wrotes so many Picture Books and story for play.
This story is... There is small town and a Big mum on the top of hill.
and the weather's changing by Big mum's feeling by a minute.
Bright sunny-day suddenly changes into Storm, or big rain...
And people in the town wondering every day for mum's feeling.
The play tells, sometimes express one's feeling is very important thing
in one's life. Laugh, Cry, Anger...
The cast is, Norio Matsui as Big mum (known by Akira Kurosawa's films),
and Hiromi Yamano as Ruru (known by TV-actress), and off course
Yoshie Minami as minister of the town, and more!
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