Myriad is a new band from Brisbane, Australia,
formed in 1995 by songwriter/guitarist
Matthew Heindorff.
Taking influence from progressive rock,
acoustic rock and heavy sounds,
we aim to play music rich in colour, emotion and diversity.
We write in many styles, including everything
from simple acoustic songs to heavier progressive rock epics,
with an emphasis on harmony, melody and atmosphere.
Some of our influences include
Pink Floyd, Yes, Dream Theatre, The Cure, Rush,
King Crimson, Led Zeppelin.
In 1996, we recorded our debut CD
entitled 'Sea of the Sinking Sun'.
On this CD you can find acoustic sounds,
abstract textural sounds, atmospheric sounds
and heavier sounds, all mingling together
to take you on a journey.
The album starts with a moody, mellow, contemplative feel,
and gradually builds to a driving, energetic end.
Much of the music and lyrics on this CD are influenced by
the experiences guitarist Matthew Heindorff had
whilst living in Japan as a home-stay student for one year.
The CD has been described by friends, radio stations
and record companies in Australia and overseas as everything
from 'strange' and 'unusual' to 'superb', 'unique', 'fresh', 'brooding',
'cosmic', 'uplifting'. In 1998, Myriad are continuing
with a promotional tour to Japan and
the United States of America, before returning back to Australia
to record the second CD entitled
'Challenge on the Ghost Door'.
For more information
FAX: 617 3821 3977 iAUSTRALIAj
POST: PO Box 33, Cleveland, Queensland, 4163, AUSTRALIA
( An interesting note for Japanese listeners:
translate the fifth song on Sea of the Sinking Sun, "North Sea Road"
directly into kanji characters. What meaning do you get ?! )

First Album


We sell in japan \2000.- by Na2-Record.

You can order by FAX:81-3-5413-5919 (03-5413-5919 #Domestic Area)
You can listen sound sample very soon on this page.
And the 2nd. album also coming soon!!
Please write your impression of Myriad


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